Our English website is up and running!

Our website, which has been designed by a team of specialists from Barcelona, is the first website that orders configurable sculptures online. This allows you to choose from many features (hair colour, hair type, hairstyle, skin colour, sex) and many extras (drink and wet, internal structure, elf ears, etc.) for each of our sculptures. More than a thousand different combinations can be made for each of our models!

An intuitive website

Our website has been designed so that our customers can ask as many questions as possible before placing their order. We have a Frequently Asked Questions section where you can find the answer to most of your questions. When placing an order, the website will guide you through the personalisation options.

A user-friendly website

On this website, we wanted to open a special section dedicated to our team, introducing each and every one of our employees and their role in our company. With this we aim to create a friendly and safe environment between our customers and our staff members.

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