Modelo Babyclon® Avatar Asleep de James Cameron

Hello Babyclon® family! Another week we update our blog. Here we will be publishing, news, experiences in exhibitions, courses, in the workshop… etc. Also if you have any idea of something that we can put here that could be interesting just write us to the official Facebook or to the email and we will study it.

This week we are very happy to announce that we have already activated the page to buy the new James Cameron Avatar model on our website!

We are the only company with a worldwide license to sell this wonderful model, and that’s why today’s blog is dedicated to it.

First of all, let’s explain a little bit about where this enigmatic race comes from.

It all starts in Avatar, an epic science fiction movie, written, produced and directed by James Cameron. It is set on Pandora, a moon inhabited by a humanoid race called Na’vi, full of action and adventure, where humans and Na’vis fight for control of Pandora. These characters and environments immerse us in a strange world where we care deeply about them and their future, as well as the future of our own planet.

From this, came our inspiration, to create a baby with the strength and beauty of this na’vi breed. We started talking to 20th Century Fox to get the license and we got it. This is the result of mixing a Babyclon® with James Cameron’s fantasy.

It is sculpted with fine, simple, stylised features. Its white dots glow in ultraviolet light, just like the bioluminescent patterns of the Na’vi glow in the darkness of the Pandora rainforest. The effect it has in that light is breathtaking, so much so that you can’t take your eyes off it.


Babyclon®’s most popular and successful extra, Drink and Wet. The system that allows you to give him a bottle with any liquid and he does his business as if he were a real baby.

It is a work of art made for lovers of fantasy, and for fans of this world and this race that captivated us all with its humanity, strength and love of nature. If you find any other Avatar sculpture than Babyclon® you will be buying a copy, not the original silicone sculpture from this film.

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