How can I paint my own Babyclon®?

Hello Babyclon® family! We are back with a special blog, dedicated to our paints and materials section of our website. We are working to make the website more dynamic and faster to see our products and to make it easier for you to buy through it.

In the materials section, you can find the necessary material to paint your own Babyclon®. From paints to the powders that we use in our workshop.

If you have never painted a silicone baby, and you have never been able to attend any course, (which, by the way, in February we have the first painting course of the 2020 tour in Barcelona) I recommend you to buy our DVD, where the director Cristina Iglesias, teaches you step by step how to paint a Babyclon®.

Once you have seen the DVD, if you want to continue with this adventure, the complete set of paints and materials is what you need. It is a complete set, where you have everything you need to paint your own Babyclon®, as it includes all the paints, solvent, dyes, brushes, gloves, sponges… etc. and it is not only useful for one baby, depending on how much you spend, it can be used for up to 5 babies. And if you are a daring person, there is also the complete set + DVD, with a special price, so that while you are watching the DVD you can start painting.

Once you have painted your first babies, you will have become an expert, and then you will know the steps you have to follow and the material you need, and all the material you have left over from the complete batch, and surely there will be some material that you will need again, so you don’t need to buy a complete batch again, you can buy the materials separately.

For example, paints or dyes, numbered by colour, which you can buy separately, or buy them in batches of the 10 colours that are available, at a reduced price.

Or also solvent, the professional powders, silicone A and silicone B and the accelerator. If there is any material, which you can’t find in any shop, and which is also not on the web separately, don’t worry, write us to our email or to our official Facebook page and we will provide it for you over there.

And that’s it for this week’s blog, I hope you found it helpful and let’s keep on creating! Dream with Babyclon®

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