Don’t be fooled, follow these steps!

Hello Babyclon® family! Today we bring a rare blog, but given the latest developments, we think it convenient and necessary to make this post.

 Since the arrival of the Internet in our homes, the possibility and the ease of being able to buy in shops around the world was opened. Items that were impossible to find in your city, now you can get them without leaving your home.

 Until here everything great, only that there are people who take advantage of this opportunity, and uses the internet to defraud people. Babyclon® has already more than 5 years selling via the Internet and there are many people who have tried to take advantage of this, impersonating the identity of the director Cristina Iglesias.

 It is for this reason that we do this blog, to give you some guidelines that you have to follow and you never can deceive through Internet. We always speak of Babyclon®, but this, os may also be suitable for other purchases on the Internet.

VERY IMPORTANT: For orders in Babyclon®, you only have to contact directly the official sites, which are our website;, our email;, our official Instagram profile; babyclon_oficial or our official Facebook page; Babyclon. We don’t have anywhere else to be able to place an order.

For information on models, prices and orders, you always have to go to the official channels, as we are exclusively for this, and we are happy to help you with everything.

 Cristina, has its own Facebook and Instagram profile, But these profiles are a Channel where you can see all the projects of both Babyclon, and Clonfactory,

Take advantage to share their official profiles so that you do not miss any work done by us

Any questions you have, you can do it through the previous channels that I mentioned, since we are always in contact with Cristina, and we send her all your doubts or questions and we answer you always. If you do it directly to her, she probably won’t read the message, and she can’t answer you

Never trust unofficial channels, group information and profiles, even if they have the same name and profile picture, and if you have any questions, always contact us, and we will tell you if it is something real or not.

We are never going to demand the immediate payment of one of our products.  Always do a little research on the page or profile where you are going to make the purchase, and before any doubt not resolved, don t buy or send money under any circumstances.

We are also at your disposal to help you with our orders, made by our website so that at the end you have the best purchase as possible.

And even here, our blog today, I hope that you will help and we are in the next! Dreams with Babyclon®

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