Babyclon® Pets

Hello everyone! Today’s blog is about a new section that Babyclon® recently added to its catalogue. The Babyclon® Pets section.

These are sculptures of different animals 100% silicone, painted with realistic paint, as it is already done with their silicone babies. At the moment only the Babyclon® Puppy model is available, but very soon they will have the Babyclon® Gorilla model and a project that the director Cristina Iglesias already has in mind and that the effect in silicone will be impressive, an Egyptian cat (sphynx).

The Babyclon® Puppy model is this adorable little dog. With big, long ears, a semi-open, smiling mouth, a movable tongue and the possibility to attach a real dummy. And one very important thing, it has an internal structure that allows you to put the puppy in the position you want, either standing, sitting or lying down.

This model is available in black, white, grey, cream and brown, and you can choose the colour of the spots you want. For example, choosing the white base with black spots turns him into an adorable Dalmatian. There is also the possibility of adding a crest with hair in the colour of your choice, which will make this model even more realistic.

About the Babyclon® Gorilla model, it is a very advanced project, and it will be on sale before summer. About its characteristics and prices we don’t know anything yet, only that it will be available in 3 shades (black, brown and albino) and without any doubt, the result will be incredible.

Like almost all his sculptures, the Babyclon® Pets models, you can also choose them unpainted, so you can finish the creation yourself and make your imagination come true. As a customer did to give it as a gift for communion and this was the result her name is Luna.

This world, as you can see, does not end only in hyperrealistic babies, apart from replicas, now also animals. In a few years, what creations do you think Babyclon® will have?

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