Babyclon® Family: Lola Vercha

Hello everyone! Welcome once again to our blog, after a while without publishing anything, we are back and this time with a very special blog for us, because we continue with the Babyclon® family theme.

As many of you already know, Babyclon® is divided into several departments, starting with the technical department up to the final touches and supervision of Cristina Jobs.

Today I am pleased to introduce you to Lola Verdugo (Lola Vercha for her friends), she is part of our external team in the hair grafting department, through her hands have passed many Babyclon® that you have at home.

Lola was born on 24th June 1968, in Tortosa (Tarragona), she spent all her pre-adolescence in Cornellá de Llobregat and has lived all her adult life in 2 Hermanas (Seville), where she lives now.

Mother of a boy in love with history and music and of a girl who has inherited her passion for the world of reborns and dolls. A music lover and film buff, especially in the horror and animation genres, prioritising Disney, she says she is a Toy Story freak, but who doesn’t like those endearing toys?

She loves dolls, from porcelain to rag dolls and has a small collection of them. She got to know the reborn world by chance and was self-taught in both painting and grafting, but it wasn’t until 3 years ago that she did a specialisation course in rooting.

She has been working in the external team of Babyclon® for 2 years and a half, becoming the main worker, together with Sonia Rodriguez, grafting hair.

We asked her about her experience working at Babyclon®;

“I like grafting, it relaxes me. But above all, I enjoy being a link in a chain of professionals like the Babyclon® team. Seeing photos of a finished baby on social networks, commenting on where it travels, and knowing that you have been part of that magic is very comforting.

I remember the first time I grafted for Babyclon®, I was afraid of messing up other people’s work. Cristina told me: just do it as if you were expecting it, and so I did it”.

And is there anything you would improve?

The bad thing about working with Babyclon® is the distance. I would like to soak up the good atmosphere of the team and participate in their geniuses, but my other job doesn’t allow me to do so. But well, I have Roger with whom I keep in touch and I hope one day I can come to the workshop and share a little more experience with the whole team.

We will be waiting for her with open arms and looking forward to meeting her in person. It’s a pleasure to work with her and you can tell that she works with passion for this world.

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