Babyclon Family: Andreu Bertomeu

Today we are back with a very special blog, the first blog dedicated to a Babyclon® artist. We go into the heart of this company, so you can know who is part of this great family that has been created.

Babyclon has 7 professionals working in the workshop, divided into various departments. Today we are focusing on a creative one, the sealing department.

We introduce you to Andreu Bertomeu, born April 17th 1987. Plastic artist and father of Maya. He is perhaps one of the most versatile artists, as he masters the arts of painting, sculpture, drawing, design and music.

His apprenticeship began in 2006 studying artistic wood carving and applied arts in sculpture at the LLotja school in Barcelona. During these years of training, he made several exhibitions and was trained producing pieces for the expiatory temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

In his hometown in 2014 he made the project of a public sculpture where, since 2014, it is exhibited in a cultural building. He was also the founder and bass player of the musical group “Crator” and has released 3 albums.

When Babyclon® decided to move its workshop to the hometown of the director Cristina Iglesias, Andreu saw an opportunity that he could not miss and did not hesitate for a second to contact and send his curriculum.

In Babyclon he has been working since November 2017, his main department is the one of joints, but he also collaborates actively in the department of painting and sculpture.

– “Andreu is a good co-worker, he always has a very interesting topic of conversation, he is always singing and I have learnt a lot from him, both about Babyclon® and external things, he is a reference for me” – says Sandra, his co-worker in the board department.
For Andreu, Babyclon® has been a great learning experience in his professional career, as he has acquired specific knowledge of silicone. And now he has become a key player in the company.

– “Andreu is a multidisciplinary artist, he pays a lot of attention to detail and is a great source of ideas when it comes to new projects” – says Babyclon’s director, Cristina Iglesias.
Here we leave you some photos of Andreu’s own sculptures and we say goodbye until the next blog.

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