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Good morning everyone! We meet again one more day in our blog! Today we are going to talk about something very special for us, it makes us very excited when we are rewarded for our work in this way and that is that 2 pieces of Babyclon® have recently received an award!

If you are up to date with our social networks, you probably already know which pieces they are and what prize they have received, but if this is not your case, first of all we recommend you to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram profiles and keep reading because this will interest you!

Whoever has a Babyclon® already knows that they have a piece of art at home, each model is handmade from minute 1, going through the injection of the silicone, through painting, hair and finally the finishing touches made by Cristina. And that makes each piece unique and exclusive and your Babyclon® is unique in the world.

And last October, we presented 2 pieces in two exhibitions organised every year by the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors. As the pieces of art that they are, we want experts to be able to see them and analyse them, so that they can criticise our pieces.

And what was the surprise? That our most special model, the baby Avatar, has won the medal for the best sculpture in the exhibition PURO ARTE 2020!!! Where it has been exposed in the Silo de Hortaleza in Madrid.

Here I remember everyone’s surprised face, because our rewards are not any prize or medal, it is to make you happy when Babyclon® arrives at home. But we know that when our work wins a prize, and even more so when it is a prize as privileged as this one, it gives even more value to each Babyclon® that you have and you can feel proud to have a piece of art at home.

And to finish this very special Blog, I would like to add a very big piece of news for us, which this time has nothing to do with Babyclon®, but for the mother company that is Clonfactory and especially for Cristina.

We have been chosen among the 5 best sculptures in the world in the contest “The global art awards 2020 in Shanghai” for the sculpture “Dones de fang”. Isn’t it wonderful?

And so much for today’s blog! And as I always say, we hope to see your comments and if you want us to talk about any interesting topic you can write to our email


Thank you very much and have a happy weekend!

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