Silicone Sculpture Extras Information

Elf Ears – $195

It consists of an addition that can be made to almost all models of silicone babies and allows you to turn your favorite model into an endearing elf. This extra is implanted in the doll integrating completely in the structure and without leaving any visible union.

Hyperrealistic eyes made by hand – $195

They are manufactured with the same technique used by eye prosthetics or special effects film technicians. They have the most realistic details (red veins, irises, etc.). We got a totally realistic look of your baby reborn.

Pig custom – $325

Extra fun that turns your favorite reborn baby model into a beloved piglet. It is integrated into the structure and has no visible joints.

Drink & Wet – $338

It is a registered system owned by Babyclon®. It consists of an internal system that allows the doll to swallow the liquid from the bottle and pee. For this extra you can use any liquid (water, milk, juice, tea, etc). Its useful life is extended until the end of your babyclone. It is a non-harmful system for silicone and baby.

Eat & Poo – $338

System similar to Drink & Wet. We supply you with the substance that you will need to bring to your baby through the bottle and you relieve yourself as if it were a real baby. With the purchase of this extra comes 0.5 liters.

Internal structure in arms – $390

As is known, silicone dolls are highly flexible, but return to their initial position. With this extra you get your reborn baby adopt and stay with the desired position for you (arms crossed, arms up, etc.). It is ideal to make some beautiful photos, it adopts and stays with the perfect positions for it.

Mermaid tail – $637

It is an extra that can be delivered painted or unpainted. It consists of a case for your baby reborn, which perfectly mimics the tail of a mermaid. It can be attached and it’s a mermaid, or it’s removed and it’s still a baby. You can choose the colors that you like, etc.

Creative painting – $767

You have seen infinity of realistic dolls of the brand Babyclon painted as real fantasy creatures, with body decorations (body tattoos of henna) or characterized as movie characters.
In our paint department we have the best professionals in this type of work.

Cord umbilical 10 cm – $175.5

It is an extra that works with a system of magnets. The silicone babies have implanted one in the navel area and the other cord, so that it can be put on and removed without leaving any type of mark. It is made of an extremely soft silicone so that its texture is really similar to an umbilical cord.

Definitive hair – $546

It is the star system of Babyclon, since we are not only the only brand in the world that implements it, but we are also the owners of the patent.

It was invented by our director Cristina Iglesias based on the film prosthesis system.

It consists of a permanent hair root, with a guarantee of 85% efficiency on the implanted hair. It is the solution to the big problem of hair loss of reborn dolls or silicone dolls.

Babyclon, as the only company in the world authorized to implement this system, admits customers with silicone dolls of other brands that are not Babyclon and who wish such an implant by our team of professionals.